short review


it’s been a while since the last time i opened wordpress world, Lol! extremely busy with work life, pffttt! been sending to the field to do some geoscience surveys, and went back home with a lil bit darker skin, grawwrr! but i like it tho!

hmmpp honestly i don’t know what to write today haha! just want to say hello to blog’s life! but, maybe i can tell what things i like,use and do recently, *is that even important?, Lol* whatever

first, for the past 2 months i’ve been using Joox as my online site to listen to million songs, it is so great, maybe my fellow Indonesian have already known, so you should try or you can download the app on your smartphone, trust me it’s cool! and….  what song i like most this month is Don’t Let Me down by Chainsmokers, owman i loveeee it! it’s like I’ve played it million times since i found that song on Joox.

Secondly, i just bought a Xiaomi power bank 20000 mAh, hahahhaa. it’s great! it can charge you iphone for 5-6 times. but, it needs 24 hours charging the power bank itself! LOL. the price is quite affordable, it’s around IDR 360K something. this is good for you who frequently travel out of city.

penampakan Power Bank Xiaomi 20000 mah

penampakan Power Bank Xiaomi 20000mah


another digital things i just use recently, is a mirrorless camera Canon EOS M10, it’s a very helpful tools for beginner who want to try capturing moments. The reason why i become interesting in photography is because my husband and my father-in-law are a photography enthusiasts, without any intentions i become one of them too 🙂 . Hubby is a Fujifilm user and he is a maniac! but he admitted that this new babe is great, hahay! speaking of it, i love its sensor, i don’t know what kind of sensor it is, but hubby said it quite good! it comes with 15-45mm & EF-M 55-200 mm lens, and the most important thing for me is, it’s small, yet powerful. you can find full professional review on Youtube.


another thing is, i am now become a beauty enthusiast too, haha! now i like to put some make up to go out *blushing*, i’ve spent my money to some make up things recently, it’s a guilty pleasure tho LOL! actually, my worst beautiful-enemy is those Online Shops, i swear to God they’re like silent thieves. just in a blink of an eye, your bank account can be decreased drastically x_x *roftl

here, i list those silent thieves in case you need to wash off your bank account :p

this is off the record, i just noticing that Liam Hemsworth is superduper hawwwtttt as hell! *Roftl, if you watching The Hunger Games trilogy you must know who he is, but i just notice his hotness *WTH is hotness haha* in the The Dressmaker movie, if you girls haven’t watched it yet, then you may miss that incredible creature on earth *lebay :p*

okey then, have a wonderful weekend,  i hope my short review can be useful for y’all! bye!


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