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hello friday!

been sooo lazy to write, don’t know why, although i have a lot of things in mind, i just don get the good mood back after watching my boys ended their Asia Tour in Singapore two weeks ago, wekekek. i think that was the best band performance i’ve ever seen all my life. CREIZEH! especially my babe Toru, for God sake, i just couldnt take my eyes off him, HE IS SOOOO HANDSOME AS HELL!!!! he is tall *of course* with his white skin and sweats all over his body, playing guitar with an amazing skill,sooo sexyyy!!! ohhhhh man i was so high that night, *sorry hubby*  that was really really an incredible stage act of them.  *die*

coming back to Jakarta the day after, with one thing in my mind I WILL DEFINITELY ATTEND THEIR CONCERT AGAIN AND AGAIN. they worth every penny i spent. i had no time to took picture or video of them, i didn’t want to blink even for a second *fortunately hubby did it, yeay*. i got my voice hoarse after that cos i yelled and sang along too much. i was so happy i got a spot very close to the stage so that i saw Toru closely *dancing*, i wonder why people could be so talented like that, don’t think i have one hahaaa maybe i just don’t figure it out yet. hope so.. someday 🙂

Thank you for everyone in Singapore who managed that concert so well, God Bless You!  one thing disgusted me was only people who raised their phone so high all the time to take picture or video of the performance, it was like oh c’mon people! why don’t you just enjoy the show with your own eyes and memories, it pissed me off!  latter on OOR will upload or sell the video officially with high resolution of video or picture.

at least it still made my day, thank you OOR for such amazing concert! see you again next time, maybe in your homeland, Japan *aamiin*


happy long weekend folks! ciao!




  1. amadl · February 6, 2016

    A good way to start 2016 with a bang, right? I’m reaLLy curious on how your husband reacted to the fangirLing 😁

    • theuntitle · February 9, 2016

      hai Amel, hahahhaha, honestly, i left my husband on the spot, he took spot in the center of the area far enough from the stage, while i found my very best spot just in front of the stage, so actually he didn’t see me fangirling that night, hahahhaa.. *jahat ya gue*

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