05 June 2012

i dont think i will ever have a chance to tell you this, but you have no idea how often you come across my  mind..

i look forward to the time i could talking to you again whether it’s for two hours or two minutes. but i dont know when it would happened or it wouldnt.

you lighten up my days when nothing else goes right.

you’re someone who doesn’t need to make an effort to make me smile.

you’re the only person i feel comfortable with. with the silences, the laughs and the serious things we’ve ever talked.

i dont want to go anywhere anymore i just want to lay there next to you, inhale while you inhale, exhale when you exhale, and press my hand to your hand. and never wanna let you go till death do us part.

i mean it, i love you. but it’s whatever because i know your heart has changed and you will never gonna love me back like you used to. and that’s the truth i must swallow right now, isn’t it?


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